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Website Changes

New website changes are coming in the coming weeks.

First and foremost, the Unitor 8 Preference Pane will be coming to the Mac App Store. It’s time for it to go to 1.0! I may even take it to the iPad Read More...

Unitor 8 Pref Pane now listed on

U8PP is now listed on

I’ve also submitted it to be listed in the Apple Downloads section, but they say it takes up to 90 days for that to happen if it ever even does! Yowsa.
** Update: now listed on Downloads in the Audio section .

Added Audio

Under the Studio menu I've added Music that I've worked on. Nothing too special.. just for fun stuff.

Redoing the website once again

I think this is the third time I've redone my website from scratch. I keep searching for easier and easier ways to deal with the content. This time I've chosen RapidWeaver since iWeb was running way to slow and I didn't really feel like upgrading it to the '08 version.

RW feels like a step up, but I've definitely already noticed that it does have it's bugs. Take this entry for example. I can only type this text in the blog summary panel since the Main Entry panel is bigger than the box it draws in.. ie: the top 5 lines of test are impossible to view since they are chopped off above the text box and no scroll bar is offered. Technically there shouldn't even be a scroll bar until the text goes off the bottom of the panel, but anyway.. Read More...