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Midibox MB-6582 completed

Blue MB-6582 LED test 1 All workingBlue MB-6582 LED test 42009-09-28 09.43.242009-09-28 09.43.42

What is it?
  • 8 Commodore-64 SID sound synthesizer chips, arranged in 4 stereo pairs.
  • Controlled by 4 PIC18F4685 microcontrollers.
  • The controll panel is milled and engraved by me using a CNC machine that I built.

  • Because I like building things and playing with synthesizers. And now I have a CNC machine and a really fun synthesizer!

More information on the MB-6582 synthesizer project can be found

New CNC machine working great!

Drilled overviewOsc DrilledLFO drilled

More information on the Lumenlab Micro CNC can be found here.