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How to build your own Midibox SID

“Will you build me a Midibox SID?”

I get this asked via email a few times a year and I figured this time I’d write something to help everyone. The short answer is “No”, but the long answer is that I promise you that no matter how slow, cheap, illiterate, or busy that you think you are, there is no question, you can accomplish building one yourself. It’s not that hard. It really isn’t!

Midibox MB-6582 completed

Blue MB-6582 LED test 1 All workingBlue MB-6582 LED test 42009-09-28 09.43.242009-09-28 09.43.42

What is it?
  • 8 Commodore-64 SID sound synthesizer chips, arranged in 4 stereo pairs.
  • Controlled by 4 PIC18F4685 microcontrollers.
  • The controll panel is milled and engraved by me using a CNC machine that I built.

  • Because I like building things and playing with synthesizers. And now I have a CNC machine and a really fun synthesizer!

More information on the MB-6582 synthesizer project can be found

New CNC machine working great!

Drilled overviewOsc DrilledLFO drilled

More information on the Lumenlab Micro CNC can be found here.

High resolution optical encoder

Last night I wrote some code to allow a high resolution optical encoder to work on the midibox platform. Here’s a link to my post there.

Midibox - Tascam MM-RC

Today I began taking apart a Tascam MM-RC remote tape control and using the Midibox hardware platform to assume control of all of the functions on the device. You can view the conversion process here on the forums.