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Unitor8 Pref Pane Version 0.9.2

A new version of the Unitor8 Preference Pane is now available.

Thanks to the awesome help of panel user Art C., the panel is now known to be working with 8 devices chained together. That means you can now configure 128 MIDI ports!

Version 0.9.2
    • Timing panel to define timing settings can be setup, named, and saved
    • Hopefully worked out bugs in support for AMT8's (special thanks to Art C. for virtual usage of his two chained AMT8's, and excellent message log assistance)
    • User can now view the scan for chained devices in real-time
    • Software now knows the device eeprom and rom version numbers in-case it needs to differentiate in the future
      • This is only for timing profiles which aren't being transmitted yet, so this cannot cause any issues for anyone.
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