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The Waldorf Microwave XT

The Problem:
When external synths are referenced in Logic it would be nice to have the list of patch names be displayed properly so that patch selection can be more easily performed within Logic.

  • Logic’s “Multi” environment object provided the facility to store patch names for all of the patches in all of the banks, but its very tedious to hand enter up to 384 unique patch names.
  • Logic also provides the convenience facility to copy and paste the entire patch list from or to a text document.
    • Nice, but it doesn’t quite take the sting out off of still having to type them all. Computers are supposed to do things for us.

The Solution:
I proposed to write an application to make the job as simple as clicking one button and pasting from the clipboard.
  1. Obtain all of the patch names by requesting them from the synthesizer using MIDI System Exclusive Messages.
  2. Format the names in the same format that Logic expects them when using copy and paste.
  3. Store the patch names on the clipboard for the user to paste into Logic using Command-V.
  4. Additionally allow the user to save the patch list to a text files (.txt) for later usage.

  • The application should be as convenient as possible so that workflow is maximized
    • It will auto scan all MIDI ports for the first found Microwave XT

The Results: