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Mountain Lion 10.8

An update is in the works for Mountain Lion.
I built a test version for someone and it worked fine, so I’ve plunged into some much needed updates since then.

The message filter will be working soon and the patch change port and channel will be configurable. There are two of the panels that haven’t been working for some time.

While testing this I somehow sent my Unitor and AMT 8 into a strange state where they were displaying lights that indicated a hardware error when they were turned on. Needless to say, this really freaked me out. It turned out to be easily fixable, after a few days a hair pulling.

To fix it, I just started up an old PowerBook running the original Unitor 8 Control application, then reset the global setting and both of them came back to perfect working condition after a power reset. I assume this was because I sent some incomplete message while debugging changes. I’m not really sure, but I will be doing everything I can to ensure it’s perfect before I release it.
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