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Unitor 8 update

Thanks to a very kind gift from the gods out there, I now have pretty much all the information anyone could ever want about the midi protocol for the Unitor8 and the AMT8.

I’m in the process of updating my code to better support both devices as well as 8 of them chained together!!

The excellent news is that I haven’t found any errors with the protocol as I’ve understood it so far. So it’s pretty safe to use. Even if you have an AMT8 attached. The UI will just be all grayed out while it seeks for a Unitor.

If you have been thinking about getting one of these interfaces on eBay, and you have a newer mac with 10.5 or greater on it, now is the time to buy them. By the time it arrives, you’ll have a working configuration app, even if you buy 8 of them.
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